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10500 Alfred Harrell Hwy, Bakersfield, CA 93306, United States


(661) 872-2256

California Living Museum, Savings and Zoo Park Description for 2018

              Both a peaceful haven for visitors and animals. California Living Museum has staged a constant effort to the safeguard of animals they house. Most recently efforts began to conserve and protect Desert Bighorn Sheep, these are beautiful and majestic animals with strong historical ties to Kern County and the native peoples of in the region. A variety of animals cal also be found in the park, among these are  the raccons, then the bobcats, bald eagles, great horned owl, saguaro cactus, rattlesnakes and the cougar and more! California Living Museum is a zoo located in Bakersfield, California with more than 250 animals and 80 different species.

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California Living Museum General Admission Tickets

Adults $9.00
Seniors (60+) $7.00
Children (3-12) $5.00
Children under 3 are FREE

For membership or volunteer information, please call (661) 872-2256

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