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Cabrillo Marine Aquarium


3720 Stephen M White Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90731, United States


(310) 548-7562

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, Savings and Zoo Park Description for 2018

                 Take the whole family in this interesting and informative trip to Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. It is a facility devoted to encouraging active public participation to promote knowledge and conservation of the marine life of Southern California. Take a whalewatch trip in search of Pacific gray whales to observe these magnificent giants as they migrate along the Pacific coast. Cabrillo Marine Aquarium engages all visitors in education, recreation and research to promote knowledge, appreciation and conservation of the marine life of Southern California. Both children and adults will enjoy viewing sea creatures of the Pacific in their natural habitats here.

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  • Senior (62+): $40 6 free parking entries ($54 value)
  • Individual: $45 6 free parking entries ($54 value)
  • Family: $60 12 free parking entries ($108 value)
  • Supporter: $80 12 free parking entries ($108 value), a second personalized membership card and priority registration for events and programs
  • Sponsor: $150 18 free parking entries ($162 value), all Supporter benefits and a behind-the-scenes tour with senior CMA staff
  • Benefactor: $300 24 free parking entries ($216 value) and all Sponsor benefits
  • Patron: $500 24 free parking entries ($216 value), all Benefactor benefits and occasional special opportunities
  • Partner: $1,000 Unlimited free parking, all Patron benefits, a marine life photograph and invitations to exclusive special events including the Partners' Annual Dinner and early VIP entrance to the Grand Grunion Gala

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