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Mobile Zoo, Savings and Zoo Park Description for 2018

            Immerse yourself this season to the animal world, enjoy and learn more cool things about our animal friends. They have Many animals from all over the world to see and learn about and several domestic & exotic animals to touch. Tour the main building exhibits, tropical birds, reptiles, exit the building to see two species of Black Bear, Tortoises, Leopards, Tigers, Lions, and Serval Cats. The journey passes an open range of non-flying birds, two species of Deer, and Antelope, Bison, long hair cattle, Giant Horses, Minature Donkeys, Wild Hogs, Alligators, many different primates including Chimpanzee and much more. The zoo is quiet and peaceful out in the country. Most of the time the only sounds heard are the wildlife.

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Individual: $15 - annual membership, includes 2 one time passers.

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Family: $60 - annual membership includes parents or grandparents, and any children 18 years or younger living at home. Also include 4 one time passes.

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